Hush - Community for Employees

Hush - Community for Employees

Nov 19 - Mar 20

Bangalore, KN

Software Development Engineer

Hush was a community for employees, which mostly represented the vibrant community of mostly IT employees of Bangalore. My main contribution was involved in creating post functionality. This was a kind of create a post on Facebook, in scope and usability. I worked end to end on this feature and delivered a resulting great improvement in user engagement and time spent on the application. Along with the create post feature one of the main contributions was the rich text editing feature, Which allowed people to be very creative in how they post new content in the application.

  • Responsible for rewriting the “Create Post” module by making use of Redux state management.
  • Implemented new rich text editor support resulting in creating a variety of contents by end users & improved overall traffic.
  • Responsible for implementing, testing & deploying new features, UI components for the React web application.
  • Implemented the company landing page & a few associated sections of the company module
Techs I used
React, Redux, Next.js, Bitbucket, Slack