Jul 18 - Sep 19, Jan 21 - Apr 21


Independent Consultant

Sometimes I choose to work independently and over the years I have worked with a variety of different projects. I mainly worked through Upwork. Over the years I have amassed a lot of experience and great feedback in Upwork and I remain a top talented dev in Upwork. In fact, in Upwork, I honed the skill to directly work with clients. Also, I was able to do estimation for the project, choose the right technology, sometimes coordinate with other developers in the team, and above all deliver a great product.

  • Refactored a React web app using TypeScript & added Redux store setup along with implementing data visualizations using recharts.
  • Refactored existing APIs & implemented new AWS Lambda functions & layers making use of API Gateway, resulting in faster loading speeds.
  • Implemented a new landing page with a few forms using React.
  • Deployed React apps & Express-based APIs on AWS infrastructure.
  • Developed web apps/websites & admin interfaces from scratch using React & Angular along with adding SSR for SEO support.
  • Planned & implemented Express-based APIs by making use of Data stores such as MySQL & Mongo DB.
  • Developed responsive web pages from scratch using Bootstrap 4.
  • Implemented visualization/charts using ChartJS.
  • Integrating & using API provided by Email Marketing Tools like ActiveCampaign, SendGrid, etc.
Techs I used
React, Redux, Redux-Saga, TypeScript, Recharts, Angular, Chart.js, Node, Express, MongoDB, jQuery, Github, AWS - EC2, S3, Lambda, API Gateway