Apr 21 - Present

Austin, Texas - Remote

Senior Full Stack Engineer

Outliant is a fully remote digital service company located in Texas, US. I work at Outliant as a Senior Full Stack Engineer. I manage one project that include managing two other developers and developing core functionality for an enterprise product which deals with a lot of customer data. Here my typical day looks like talking to stakeholders and refine the requirements and getting the work aligned for myself and other two developers. It also involves code reviews and daily stand up to make sure everyone is involved and in the same bus together as a team.

  • Researching, designing, managing, testing & evaluating software programs.
  • Deploying software tools, processes, and metrics.
  • Directing software programming and documentation development.
  • Writing and implementing code, modifying software to fix errors & improve its performance.
  • Consulting with engineering staff to evaluate software-hardware interfaces and develop specifications and performance requirements.
  • Implementing custom functionalities along with existing third-party packages or plugins & tools.
  • Managing the team including assigning and sharing tasks and making sure the project is on track.
Techs I used
React, Redux, Redux-Saga, Mapbox GL, react-bootstrap-table2, Chart.js, Github, ClickUp, Slack, AWS - S3, CloudFront, Cognito, CodePipeline, CodeBuild, Lambda, API Gateway, Certificate Manager, DynamoDB, CloudWatch